#JusJoJan: Look! Up In The Sky!

I had a thought a couple of nights ago: the constellations, like Aries (above) are made up of stars that are actually billions of miles away from each other, and those stars are not on the same plane, i.e.some stars are deeper into space than others. The longer I think about that, the more my head hurts.

Thanks to Linda for hosting Just Jot It January and to Willow for coming up with today’s prompt.

16 thoughts on “#JusJoJan: Look! Up In The Sky!

  1. I loved teaching my students about the universe. Even with tons of hands on labs, the concept of how far away the stars actually were was truly beyond their comprehension. We had lots of fun though.


  2. It’s not where the stars are located, it’s the images we see from Earth that fascinate us, isn’t it? Unless you’re into science fiction/space travel, that is.


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