Writer’s Workshop: Made Me Laugh

I’m supposed to share something that made me laugh this past week. Here are a couple of things:

No doubt, you remember the famous video of Rick Astley singing his huge hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Well, he’s redone the video as part of a commercial for AAA, some 35 years later…

Mary found this one: it’s a rescue beaver building a dam in the house around Christmas.

Maybe that’s more cute than funny, but I got a laugh out of it. This is from the description box:

This beaver is being raised by wildlife rehabbers after being orphaned as a newborn. Her parents were killed and their dam and lodge destroyed. Beavers are classified as nuisance animals in many US states and can be killed anytime. Beavers need to spend 2 years with their human rehabbers. They need to have lots of opportunities to practice instinctive behaviors. This beaver enjoys playing this game inside the house but lives with the other orphaned beavers outside most of the time. We hope you fall in love ! This misunderstood and unique species needs lots of it!

So let’s be good to the beavers, all right?

21 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Made Me Laugh

  1. Oh, ha! I just saw that Christmas beaver dam video yesterday for the first time. At work, we loop “cute” videos with animals – usually puppies and/or kittens – to help lower anxiety for our patrons. My coworker found the beaver video and it was so fun to watch. I love how the beaver seems to be contemplating while he builds.


  2. Love the beaver clip John. So cute. As for Mr Astley. I remember the original video and had the 12 inch single version. Not so keen on it now!!! Wonder if those were the original clothes? LOL


  3. I love the beaver video. Behind our house there’s a ravine with a creek running through it, and we used to have beavers… until one of the neighbors who thought they were taking too many of his trees took it upon himself to eliminate them. I sure miss watching those beavers; they were so cute and funny. (There are thousands of trees around here, and whenever one goes down there’s always another waiting to replace it, so it’s not as if the beavers posed any actual threat.)


    1. What they show in cartoons notwithstanding, they can’t take on trees that are very big, and smaller ones spring up when the others are taken down. But someone always decides they’re a nuisance…

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    1. I don’t see them as a nuisance, but I guess their dams can cause flooding. Personally, I wouldn’t want a house that close to a river, anyway. They’e always warning us about flash floods or floods.


  4. I’ve had AAA since I started driving and they have always been great. To see them advertise is unusual since they used to say they didn’t need to, word of mouth and satisfied customers were their marketing.


    1. We’ve had them for years: Mary joined when she got her driver’s license (as I recall, the woman that sold me my Accord ended up working for them, and she called and got Mary to join). It’s really come in useful on several occasions. Don’t know what the deal is with the commercial: like you say, they count on word-of-mouth to spread the word. Maybe this was an internal film…

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  5. My rx hates Rick Astley and this song…hahaaa. I will sing this just get it into his brain.
    The Beaver is so cute and I laughed out loud when I saw the Christmas tree. It makes me so angry when I gear about ignorant people killing these animals and wolves. They have no clue how beneficial these animals truly are.


    1. They’re considered nuisance animals which apparently makes it okay to kill them, but I think that’s kind of ignorant. I think you can relocate them to where they won’t cause as much chaos….


  6. my grandson told me that it is an ongoing prank to send rick Ashley pictures to each other in unexpected ways. wonder how all that started? the rescue beaver is so funny


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