#JusJoJan: Friendship

JezzieG came up with today’s prompt: “friendship.” The first thing that came to mind? Travel.

Back in the mid 1970’s, United Airlines (“Fly The Friendly Skies”) started calling their flights “Friendship Service.” During the preflight announcement, they would announce (for example) “Welcome aboard United Airlines flight 352, Friendship Service now to New York LaGuardia Airport.” It was like PanAm, which featured “Clipper Service.” I think all the airlines had it. I wonder if Aeroflot (“On Aeroflot, in-flight movie watches you!”) had “Comrade Service”?

Speaking of Aeroflot,

There are all kinds of airline commercials and preflight videos on YouTube. Enjoy…

8 thoughts on “#JusJoJan: Friendship

  1. It’s been a nightmare for the Canadians who traveled over Christmas. Stuck for hours or days where they were or st the airport Sunwing, Air Canada, and West jet lost luggage. Nightmare! The last 2 were voted worst in the world, I think, for delays air Canada sucks and they are rude


    1. We had Southwest that had loads of trouble because of outdated software. They ended up canceling I think 2500 flights in one day. I’m glad I no longer have to get on an airplane…


    1. I seriously wanted to get into advertising when I was a kid, but somehow forgot when it came time to choose a major. I think I would have been better served by finding a job at an advertising firm right out of high school, but Mom would never countenance that…

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    1. These are excellent! QANTAS did a series of commercials for the US that featured a koala who hated the airline for bringing so many people to Australia. The voice was supplied by Howard Morris, who’s one of the funniest people to ever walk the earth…

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