Song Lyric Sunday: Rain Parade, “You Are My Friend”

Source: Melanie

Once again, we have been assigned to find music in a genre (Paisley Underground) that I have absolutely no freaking clue about. Not to worry: I have The Blogger’s Best Friend© to give me some idea what to do.

Paisley Underground is a musical genre that originated in California. It was particularly popular in Los Angeles, reaching a peak in the mid-1980s. Paisley Underground bands incorporated psychedelia, rich vocal harmonies and guitar interplay, owing a particular debt to 1960s groups such as Love and the Byrds, but more generally referencing a wide range of pop and garage rock revival.

One of the bands discussed is Rain Parade, that formed in 1981, disbanded in 1986, then re-formed in 2012 and is still active. The song I’ve chosen of theirs is “You Are My Friend,” from their 1983 album Emergency Third Rail Power Trip.

You are my friend
So sad this had to end
Some broken things don’t mend
They lie where they fall

You say the knife
Is twisted in your back
You don’t remember that
It was in mine

But you’re my friend
My friend
And you know
Things are not the same (You can’t hide your lies)
‘Cause this time
There’s nothing you can say

I’m sad it had to end
You can’t bring back the dead
They’re burning down

You’re much too smart
To waste your mind on hate
And you know too late
Don’t be afraid

But you’re my friend
My friend
You are my friend
My friend

Source: Genius

So, that’s Song Lyric Sunday and Song of the Day for January 8, 2023, and yes, this is how I wrote most of my papers in high school and college, which probably explained my C average in each…

18 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Rain Parade, “You Are My Friend”

  1. Love this John…I posted this around a year ago I believe…I really like the Paisley Underground stuff.


      1. Not bad at all! They were one of my favorites of that scene. The Bangles were a part of it as well before they made it. Many of the Rain Parade songs are really good. I think I’ll post another one soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Excellent song. I never heard it before but I like it.
        I tried to comment on the box but I did something and couldn’t find the comment box I lost my box! Love that kitty


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