#JusJoJan: DONUTS!!

The only person I can think of who likes donuts better than I. Mmmmmmmmmm… donuts…..

I LOVE donuts, or doughnuts, if you prefer. I’d rather spend the time typing all the extra letters eating donuts.

One of my favorite SNL commercials: Olympic athlete John Belushi for Little Chocolate Donuts. The cigarette is a nice touch.

I used to work third shift, and right near my bus stop was a Winchell’s Donuts. I would stop every day for two apple fritters (which technically aren’t donuts, but the vibe is the same) and a cup of coffee before riding home to go to sleep. Or, there was a restaurant at 47th and Ashland that sold donuts. I’d stop in and buy a dozen, take them home, brew a pot of coffee, and eat all of them and drink all the coffee before going to bed. I weighed 140 lb. (63.5 kg or 10 stone) at the time, and never put on an ounce. Those days are long gone, but I still love donuts.

Krispy Kreme!

Linda, the vice president in charge of Just Jot It January, got this prompt from Liz Husebye Hartmann, who blogs here.

32 thoughts on “#JusJoJan: DONUTS!!

  1. Aww the days of being a calorie burner! I really liked the Krispy Kreme’s but their coffee was awful. They couldn’t compete with Tim Hortons in Canada.


    1. I’ve never had the coffee at either, so I haev no way of knowing. Truett Cathy, who founded Chick-Fil-A, once said “it’s all right to serve bad coffee, as long as you always serve bad coffee.” Theirs might have been the worst coffee I had tasted, hough it’s gotten much better.

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  2. I love donuts of any kind. Can’t eat them any more though because of diabetes, which makes me crave them more! We used to have a local bakery that would go door to door selling ‘spud nuts’ and mom would always buy some. They were so good. :)


  3. Thanks for linking to my blog. I’m sending you a virtual box of fritters, even as you read this. It’s the only way, these days, to fully enjoy and avoid the calories!


    1. There are just so many wonderful flavors of donuts. We have Krispy Kreme here, where you can watch them being made. I still think Winchell’s was better than Dunkin’ Donuts, not that I’d refuse the latter…

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  4. My very first job (in 1971) was at Dunkin’ Donuts. In those days they had a glazed buttermilk donut that was out of this world. They were so popular (and addictive) that we could never keep up with the demand, and customers were always complaining because we always sold out of them so quickly. But for some reason no one makes them anymore. I’d pay a lot to taste one of those things again….


  5. I, too, love donuts/doughnuts. Many years ago, I worked in a grocery store bakery. I started out as a doughnut fryer and worked my way up to bread baker and then cake decorator. A warm raised glazed donut… o m g… my mouth waters…


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