The Morning Dawdler For 1/12/23

I haven’t done this in a couple of weeks, certainly not since breaking Question Time Over Coffee into more easily-managed chunks, so here we go….

What is the most important meal to your day and why? Probably lunch, which, if eaten late enough, turns into “linner,” a combination of lunch and dinner. Often it’s the only meal we eat in a day. Not as a cost-saving measure as much as the only meal we want.

How many bananas do you eat a week or do you not? We don’t eat bananas like we used to. We might buy bananas once a month, maybe once every two months. We used to have them here all the time, but we just lost the taste for them.

Do you think self-help books actually help or hinder? They’re marginally helpful, They can give some pointers and directions for you to move toward, but lack the ability to give you the boot in the ass you frequently need to actually put those pointers and directions into action. Few of them acctually give you any new insight, because often you know what you have to do already, or rather what you need to stop doing…

Stuart Smalley, self-help book addict.

Should we all be more social and not enjoy solitude so much? I think that’s up to the individual. All people are different as to their need for “people” time. One thing to keep in mind: being social doesn’t mean spending too much time on social media.

And that’s all for now. Ta-ta!

19 thoughts on “The Morning Dawdler For 1/12/23

  1. Great Muppet clip John. Hubby can’t eat anything solid or heavy after about 4pm, so we try to have pour min meal around midday. It works if we’re home, but when out, things tend to go belly up.


  2. Hey John, it’s a good idea to eat earlier than 6 pm anyway for a lot of people as the digestion is easier on the stomach. A lot of younger folks tend to eat later and then wonder why they have more stomach and digestion issues and in many ways all they have to do is alter their eating routines.

    Good answers.


    1. There was a Senator named Strom Thurmond who used to eat like a horse at breakfast, maybe have a sandwich at lunch, and not eat again until the next morning. Lived to be 100. He grew up on a farm, and that’s what they did there.

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