The Morning Dawdler for 1/14/23

Rory has more questions, I have more smartassery. Here we go….

What are your views on Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex’s published memoir ‘Spare’ and the media coverage supporting it – even if you haven’t read the book? The more I hear about Prince Harry, the less I care about him and Whatshername. I doubt I’ll read his memoir, but I’m almost certain Mary will read it. She can’t get enough.

Is the glass half full or half empty for you? It doesn’t matter. It’s a glass. It can be refilled.

In your opinion – as individuals do we matter and if so/not why? We matter to someone, even if it’s just ourselves. If we’re lucky, we have friends and family, neighbors, people in our community, our colleagues at work, the people we go to church with, to whom we matter. It might just be a microcosm of humanity in general, but we matter to them. I mean, there are 8 billion people on earth, it’s almost impossible to matter to all of them…

What mistakes do you make over and over? Well, since I type with one hand, I make a lot of typos. Many are of the “hit two keys at once” variety. I also have a tendency to forget things, including writing things down so I don’t forget them.

Uh, no?

See you next time!

18 thoughts on “The Morning Dawdler for 1/14/23

  1. Good answers to all John.

    I think Harry and Meghan are in it for the money now that there is no turning back. I am somewhat confused that he left the UK because of a, b and c and not forgetting his dislike for the media and wanting to be out of the limelight and YET the silly up his own bottom sod has done nothing but hand job the media and more so since touting his frostbitten Spare part :)


  2. I like Prince Harry & Meghan. They have their flaws, but they’re breaking away from a dysfunctional family and that’s not easy to do. I respect them for taking charge of their narrative, not letting the uptight House of Windsor and the gossipy British tabloids stop them from telling their truth. To me, they’re inspirational. I have Spare but have not read it yet.


    1. Harry realizes that he’s been pushed farther back in line to the throne behind his brother and his nephews and niece, and he’s essentially burned his bridges. Mary thinks he’s bipolar, and I think he wrote the book to make some money. He needs to back away from the limelight,…

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      1. Hi – I agree about the money – oh yeah
        And the mental health aspect plays as part too
        Who knows how a life of feeling slighted adds up and then living in the celeb culture adds ego
        So then partnering with someone who might have a personality disorder (narcissism) they fuel each other with these silly attention getters
        So money, yes
        But attention and spotlight too


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