MMMM: If I Can Dream…

Here in the United States, today is a day that we celebrate the life and work of a true American hero, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Perhaps his most famous speech was the “I Have A Dream” speech, delivered in Washington, DC at the end of the “March On Washington” in August 1963. With all that in mind, I’ve chosen ten songs about dreams.

  1. Dream #9 – John Lennn
  2. Last Night I Had A Dream – Randy Newman
  3. Dream Police – Cheap Trick
  4. Dreamer – Supertramp
  5. Running Down A Dream – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  6. These Dreams – Heart
  7. You Stepped Out Of A Dream – Nat King Cole
  8. In Dreams – Roy Orbison
  9. Darn That Dream – Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra
  10. If I Can Dream – Elvis Presley

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for January 16, 2023.

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28 thoughts on “MMMM: If I Can Dream…

  1. A perfect topic for this weeks post, your playlist featured some of my favorite songs (Dreamer, Dream Police). A song new to me, though, was the highlight – Elvis and If I Can Dream. He put his heart, soul, and body into that performance. Alana ramblinwitham


  2. Love these choices as alwsys. I forgot about this Cheap Trick song. I really loved the Ella Fitzgerald song as well as Roy Orbinson but any song he sings is magic to me. I also love Elvis. I wonder why Lisa was so weak at the Golden Globes. It’s mentioned how she had to lean on thst one guy and her mom. She also looked thin. Anyways, a great tribute to a great man. I would add ” I Have a Dream” by ABBA and “The Impossible Dream” from ” The Man From La Mancha”. I love that song.


  3. Dreams. Now you’re in my wheelhouse. Gets me ready for my weeks’ work. My son plays guitar. Nope, he’s not Paul McCarthy. Shoot won’t let me post his picture. I guess will have to post it in my own post today. I’ve always liked Heart. My son claims women can’t do rock and roll and I beg to differ reminding him of Janis. I always thought Heart did pretty well. A few others. Love Ella. If I can Dream maybe my favorite Elvis song–particularly sad right now. Lisa Marie looked so much like him (and her son was a dead ringer). Even her hands were his. Sad.


    1. “If I Can Dream” was written not long after Dr. King’s assassination. Elvis wanted to do a tribute to him.

      Have your son check out the band Fanny…

      And The Runaways…

      Joan Jett and Lita Ford came out of that band. Yeah, women can rock with the best of them….


      1. I think he might have liked Joan Jett and acknowledged Janis but he did not think Heart could “rock.” I’d be happy to wail as well as she did. Men. Ha. (Not you, obviously.)


        1. p.s. Yeah, Elvis obviously appreciated and his work was informed by black blues and gospel and he hung with them a lot. No racist there. He was a good sort really. None of them tough enough for this world, I don’t think.


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