Song of the Day: Eartha Kitt, “C’est Si Bon”

Singer and actress Eartha Kitt was born on this day in 1927. The woman that Orson Welles called “the most exciting woman in the world” might be best known to people of my generation as the woman who replaced Julie Newmar as Catwoman on the TV series Batman, but she was particularly well-received in Paris as an actress and singer. “C’est Si Bon” reached #8 on the Billboard Pop charts in 1952.

17 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Eartha Kitt, “C’est Si Bon”

    1. Also, my father actually met her. My father was a teacher, and during the summer he’d work in a day camp here on Long Island. Part of his job was driving campers to the camp, and driving them home again. When Eartha Kitt was appearing in a show at the Westbury Music Fair for two weeks one summer, my father was asked to drive her daughter to camp. So of course he got to meet the camper’s mother.


      1. Actually her character didn’t sing that song in the show. That song belongs to the ingénue. But she had a song that wasn’t in Kismet, a song called Rahadlakum where she was brewing some sort of potion … OMG the way she sang that was amazing. Here is a YouTube to her tv appearance singing it …


  1. I love Eartha Kitt who could easily have been in the Black Panther movies. She has a secual sensuality to her and her singing. Love this tune and, to me, she does the best version of ” Santa Baby”.

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