Simply Six Minutes: Before And After

I just read Jim’s paragraph about the above-pictured piece of furniture, where he said it’s hideous and should be put on the curb. Now, if he read the Apartment Therapy website, he would know that someone else will see this and say, "Why in the world would anyone throw this away?"

That person will put it in her trunk, bring it home to her garage, and put it on some old newspapers. Then, she’ll go out to Home Depot for two twelve-ounce cans of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Flat Black General Purpose Spray Paint at $6.48 each, a package of ten Glide-Rite 5 in. Center-to-Center Polished Chrome Finish Solid Handle Bar Pulls (I’m estimating the width between the holes on the center drawers) for $25.74, six Hickory Hardware Forge 1-3/8 in. Dia Chrome Cabinet Knobs at $4.79 each ($28.74 total), and, in case there are any spare holes, a six-ounce tube of DAP Plastic Wood 6 oz. White Latex Wood Filler for $9.28 and a 4-pack of 3M Pro Grade Precision 9 in. x 11 in. 80 Grit Coarse Faster Sanding Sanding Sheets for $6.98.

Then she’ll go home, take the drawers out and remove the old hardware, fill any extra holes with the wood filler (sand the filled holes down), then spray-paint the cabinet and the drawers. When the paint is dry, she’ll attach the drawer pulls and slide the drawers back in, bring the dresser into the house, and use it as a credenza in her entrance hallway. Total cost? $83.70, and she’ll still have the seven extra handle bar pulls, some of the wood fill, and some of the sandpaper left over. She will have taken pictures all along to send to Apartment Therapy along with the email explaining what she did. And she’ll be featured on the website…

Christine runs Simple Six Minutes.

14 thoughts on “Simply Six Minutes: Before And After

  1. I have done that! I love recreating things from stuff people toss. I actually think people toss really good pieces out..we are a throw away society. Now I will look at that apartment therapy site


    1. I’m taking some time off from their feed because I’ve been getting inundated with RSS traffic, but will probably resume their feed when things slow down a wee bit. It’s a great site to read leisurely…

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