Count On It! #socs #JusJoJan

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I don’t hear the phrase “count on it” as much as I do “depend on it” or “rely on it,” even though they’re all essentially the same. Maybe it’s because “dependability” and “reliability” mean pretty much the same thing (trustworthy), while “countability” means something different (a property of things that can be counted).

Who is this guy?

One oif the local radio stations, WSB (AM 750, FM 95.5), is a news-talk station that used to use “Depend On It!” as their slogan.

Ritu and I were just talking about AM and FM radio and how a lot of AM radio stations are starting up FM stations and simulcasting on them. The reason is that FM is more dependable than AM is anymore. Even more radio stations are streaming their broadcasts over the Internet, where people can listen to them on their phones. In fact, more cars are being delivered with USB ports so you can run the sound from your phone through the sound system in the car. Pretty soon, they won’t put radios in cars, just ports for your phone.

In fact, I think you can count on it.

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Now a word about Kleenex table napkins. They cling like cloth!

15 thoughts on “Count On It! #socs #JusJoJan

    1. The TuneIn and iHeart apps allow you to stream lots of radio sations. I think you’ll find your favorites on there. Seriously, I don’t think radio’s going anywhere anytime soon,but that appears to be the general direction they’re moving in.

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  1. That would make phones even more important. We better not lose our phones. Sometimes I think I need a phone finder. But it would have to hang on the wall (like phones used to) so I wouldn’t lose the phone finder.


  2. I still have a radio, but music s a No Facilities gps comes from my phone. I did enjoy listening to my local radio station’s morning show on my way home from Pittsburgh last summer. Radio in central PA hadn’t improved since I was 6.


    1. I have several radios that I never use because all the stations here are on the Internet, I have Gameday Audio for ballgames (that’s every game in country for $30 a year), and I use Spotify and Apple Music for music and podcasts. That Internet is going to catch on…

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  3. I can’t tell you when I last heard anyone say “count on it” or “depend on it” or “rely on it.” I hear “we’ll try” or “if we can” more often. Hedging bets, that’s how people say things.


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