Song of the Day: Lead Belly, “The Midnight Special”

Folk, gospel, and blues singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Huddie Ledbetter, better known by his stage name Lead Belly, was born on this day in 1888. He normally played the 12-string guitar, but he could also play harmonica, piano, mandolin, violin, and melodion. He made several songs popular, including “Good Night, Irene,” “In The Pines,” “Cotton Fields,” “The Boll Weevil,” and “The Midnight Special,” which has been covered by Johnny Rivers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and others. This is likely from the 1930’s.

6 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Lead Belly, “The Midnight Special”

  1. I’ll probably always know this song by the CCR version but I love this. I need to explore Lead Belly more.


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