#JusJoJan: Paintbrush

Paula supplies the JusJoJan prompt, paintbrush.

I am the world’s worst painter. I can neither paint artistically nor for interior decorating. Mary made me promise when we bought the house, "no paint, and no power tools." I’ve more or less kept to that, though we did have a power drill that I got pretty comfortable with. But paint, paintbrush, and painting? Not a chance. I really haven’t got the patience for it.

I have a cousin, Mike, who worked as a painter for a while. I remember he did some painting at Mom’s, and he did a really nice job. Fabulous Auntie Jill has a degree in Art. I remember her painting on canvas and, later in life, she did rosemaling, a Scandinavian art form. I think she might have sold some pieces, I’m not sure. I think she was the one that gave me a paint-by-numbers set one year for Christmas, a picture of a horse eating grass. When I got through with it, it looked like blobs of paint. I should have framed it, anyway, as a sort of testament to just how badly I did with it.

5 thoughts on “#JusJoJan: Paintbrush

  1. I love painting whether it’s a wall or my cards. I love trying different techniques. My brother, on the other hand, gets more paint on himself than the walls


  2. My Paint by Number paintings never resembled the picture, either. Then again, neither did my Color by Number colorings. I am not artistic with paint brushes, colored pencils, crayons… You name it. If it can be used to create a work of art, I lack that talent.


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