Top Ten Tuesday: WATN (1240 AM, Watertown NY), 1/22/55

WATN is Watertown, New York’s oldest radio station, signing on February 3, 1941. Currently, they carry a news-talk format, but on January 22, 1955 they were a Top 40 station. Here’s their Top Ten from that day.

  1. The Crew-Cuts, “Earth Angel”
  2. Don Cornell, “No Man Is An Island”
  3. Jaye P. Morgan, “That’s All I Want From You”
  4. Tony Bennett, “Funny Thing”
  5. Billy Vaughn, “Melody Of Love”
  6. The Fontane Sisters, “Hearts Of Stone”
  7. Sarah Vaughn, “Make Yourself Comfortable”
  8. The Chordettes, “Mr. Sandman”
  9. The McGuire Sisters, “Sincerely”
  10. Joan Weber, “Let Me Go Lover”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for January 24, 2023.

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WATN (1240 AM, Watertown NY), 1/22/55

  1. Such a great list as per norm. I love Jaye P Morgan’s voice. Is she the one that used to be a judge on the Gong Show? I also love the voice on the last song too.


    1. That’s her, the one who got fired for taking off her blouse while Gene Gene The Dancing Machine was doing his act. I don’t know why they were that upset: there wasn’t much to see…


  2. Love Earth Angel, don’t remember who did popular version. Love Mr. Sandman, one of the first songs I was aware of. I loved the Lennon sisters and Andrews sisters back when I was little. Sincerely is sincerely nice. Happy Tues.


    1. Was it KOKC at 1520 from Oklahoma City? It used to be KOMA. They did Top 40 in the ’60’s and ’70’s and switched to country in 1980. They’re news-talk now…


      1. Yup, it was KOMA. It was a great station, and you could hear it way up in northern Wyoming and deep into Texas and points between in the early 60s.


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