Truthful Tuesday: DIY? No Way!

A simple question from Di this week:

Are you a keen DIY-er or do you prefer to get the professionals in?

I unfortunately inherited my father’s skill (or, rather, lack thereof) for the use of tools. Dad didn’t know which end of a screwdriver to use, and I’m the same way.

That’s not entirely true: I am actually not bad when it comes to old-fashioned desktop computers. I installed a couple of hard drives, a modem or two, and a new CPU in one old computer I had, and helped a friend fix a problem she ran into when she called Gateway, who managed to FUBAR her modem. Funny thing was, while I was fixing the problem, her father, who was probably the handiest individual I ever met, came down to watch and was flabberghasted at what I knew how to do and the ease with which I fixed it.

All the computers I deal with these days are of the "no user-repairable parts" type, maning I have to ship everything to one of several repair shops (of which Apple is just one) to get it fixed.

As for everything else, I end up paying a pro to fix it. Number one, I’m handicapped, and number two, even when I was fully functioning, I was pretty much useless when it came to just about anything involving tools.

We need a few things done here (remodel both bathrooms and the kitchen), and there’s no way I would even attempt it. I will be glad to pay whatever money it will cost to have them done.

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

9 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: DIY? No Way!

  1. I can paint and design…not sew though. My hubby? He can fix and do just about anything e cept don’t give him a computer to fix…he will destroy that. He can figure out how to do the electrical work, make beautiful front stairs and be great in a crunch just don’t ask him to record something on the DVR


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