The Morning Dawdler, Late At Night

What else do you say when you work on a morning project at 11 PM? Anyway, Rory has questions, I have fun answering them.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how happy are you? I’d say it fluctuates between 7 and 9 on the average day, so 8 is a good average.

Why do people ask how we are but do not want to know the truth? They’ve been told that asking about one’s health (emotional, physical, mental etc.) is the "polite thing to do." They expect an answer like "Fine, thank you, and you?" rather than an honest answer, like "my foot keeps going to sleep, my dog has diarrhea, my wife is threatening to leave, and the baby has prickly heat." My stepfather used to answer, "well, have you got an hour?"

Probably the right thing to ay.

How much meat do you consume in a week…? About 3 to 5 pounds.


Are you a slow or fast eater, and which behaviour do you think is best and why? Pretty fast, although I’ve slowed down some in recent years because I eat with one hand. I really notice little or no difference between the two.

Mmmmm… donuts…

That’s all for now!

14 thoughts on “The Morning Dawdler, Late At Night

  1. Usually I’m pretty good in the happy meter but, gor last couple of days, with extreme pain taking hold, my happy meter took a dip. I miss my mom and her hugs telling me everything will be OK.
    Oh well, let’s move on….tgat 2nd question is a loaded one because people ask that like we say “fine”. Most people get very uncomfortable when you speak the truth about how you feel. They don’t know how to respond and don’t want to. How many people hVe a bunch of friends only to see most of them go when something bad happens to you? If you have one or 2 friends that stick by you, you are lucky.
    I love meat so I don’t know how much I eat but I do eat a lot of chicken with a big salad.
    As for eating…I eat too fast and it’s proven that is not good. It is better to eat slowly. My brother eats way too frikken slow…lol


  2. Hey John, hahaha good answers – l used to answer with ‘how long you got, if you aint got the time to listen to the answer don’t ask the question’ It shuts people up for sure. Good news that you travel between a 7 – 9 happiness – that’s impressive :)


    1. I was always a fast eater. I had two brothers, and Mom was a good eater as well (as was Tex, my stepfather). Grace before meals was “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Who eats the fastest gets the most.”

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      1. I like the Grace before meals! The college I attended was an all girls school at the time and we all ate their prepared meals together. The sooner we finished eating the sooner we got out there.


  3. Are you a slow or fast eater, and which behaviour do you think is best and why?… I’m a fast eater…too fast.


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