#JusJoJan: Family

J-Dub provided today’s prompt, family.

I come from a big family. On Mom’s side, I have an uncle, five aunts, and 18 cousins. I have three brothers, five nephews, one niece, and one great-niece. On Dad’s side, I have three uncles and 9 cousins. I could keep going back through the generations and it’d make your head spin. Mine’s spinning just thinking about it.

In contrast, Mary comes from a very small family. She’s an only child. Her mother had two brothers, both of whom had no kids. Her father has a brother, who had two kids, who between them had five kids. All the older members of her family came from Lithuania, and there are no records.

Around Christmastime the year before we were married, Mary and a friend of hers decided to come out and visit. It so happened that Mom was having a party with her sisters and older women in the family that same night. When Tex picked me up from work, he said that two girls were waiting for me at home. I came in and Mary was very happy to see me. She wasn’t used to the "cast of thousands" that was second nature to me. The oldest member of the family, a woman well into her 80’s if not 90’s, tapped me on the shoulder and gave a smile and wink. She could tell that Mary and I would make a great couple. And she was right.

One of my cousins on Mom’s side married a girl whose brother married a cousin on Dad’s side. Actually, I’m surprised that I didn’t have a cousin from each side of the family get married. That would have been really cool…

At our rehearsal, one of Mary’s bridesmaids saw my brother Jim, with whom she had a class or two. She went up to him and said, "Jim! How long have you know John?" In classic fashion, he said "too long, he’s my brother."

I think it’s time I get my book of family stories together…

23 thoughts on “#JusJoJan: Family

  1. My immediate family was small..my parents, my brother and me. My mom had a brother living in Ann Arbor with a wife and 3 kids and my Aunt lived in Graz with her husband, daughter and grandson. My aunt’s son also lived in Ann Arbor.
    My dad’s side was much larger but they were much older and cousins left right and centre. I loved my Auntie Annie, my dad’s sister. My Uncle Tony always stopped by but. He leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth now along with his bug-eued wife and most of their kids. My dad’s patents had 7 kids that lived. His mom died on 1919 after giving birth to a still born son. His dad remarried and had 6 more kids. Most are dead now and that’s fine by me.


  2. I’m trying to figure out the sentence, ” One of my cousins on Mom’s side married a girl whose brother married a cousin on Dad’s side.” Who was the cousin on your Mother’s side? I probably knew but I forgot.


  3. At my age, there comes the natural loss of my older family members. In fact, I only have 2 paternal aunts still living and a handful of cousins around my age with whom I’ve lost all contact over the decades. I have three grown children. They each have two children. One of those grandkids is a momma now, so I have the pleasure of being around my first great grandchild (a delightful 7 month old boy). So, the family ‘behind’ me is growing.


  4. Yes, please get your book of family stories together. I would love to read it. That brother of yours is a keeper his “too long” response cracks me up.


  5. My family is minuscule compared to most. I think the peeps on my dad’s side were allergic to having children! I married a man with a large family, but I realized too late he didn’t get along with any of them…

    I would love to read more of your stories, John!


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