Song of the Day: The Small Faces, “Itchycoo Park”

British guitarist, singer, and songwriter Stevie Marriott was born on this day in 1947. He co-founded and fronted both The Small Faces and Humble Pie in his career cut short by his death in 1991 when a fire broke out in his home. Stevie and Ronnie Lane wrote "Itchycoo Park" for The Small Faces, and it features the same flanging effect used in Miss Toni Fisher’s "The Big Hurt." It reached #3 in the UK, #2 in Australia, #1 in Canada, and #16 on the Hot 100 in 1967.

23 thoughts on “Song of the Day: The Small Faces, “Itchycoo Park”

    1. It was a shame how he died. He was a good singer and pretty good guitar player, and fronted two very good bands.

      I do that a lot with songs, and sometimes artists. I was hard-pressed to remember another song by the Little River Band besides “Reminiscing,” so I bought their Greatest Hits album and knew all of the songs…


        1. We had an oldies station in Atlanta that had a very short playlist, only about 100 songs they’d play all the time, and this wasn’t one of them. The guy who did the show at noon would take requests and you could ask for just about anything and he’d find it. I think that was the last time I heard this….

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          1. I worked at a soft rock station and the producer was in charge of the playlist. There were no exceptions to the rotation. Folks would call in and make requests and if the song was on the list for the day all was good. If not, then I had to say, “We’ll do our best,” knowing it wasn’t going to happen. This was the midnight to six am shift and I got some pretty weird calls.


  1. Hi John – another favourite from times gone by … and I learn another snippet of life about people who are part of a talented group. – cheers Hilary


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