Top Ten Tuesday: KBIM (910 AM Roswell NM), 1/24/76

Today, KBIM in Roswell, New Mexico, simulcasts KBIM-FM (93.7 FM), with a Regional Mexican format ("93.7 La Ley"), but when they started in 1953, they were a Top 40 station. Since the last several weeks were from broadcasters in the 1950’s, I chose the survey from January 24, 1976, and yes, there’s some disco…

  1. Donna Summer, “Love To Love You Baby”
  2. The O’Jays, “I Love Music”
  3. Barry Manilow, “I Write The Songs”
  4. The Sweet, “Fox On The Run”
  5. The Ohio Players, “Love Rollercoaster”
  6. Electric Light Orchestra, “Evil Woman”
  7. George Baker Selection, “Una Paloma Blanca”
  8. Paul Simon, “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover”
  9. C.W. McCall, “Convoy”
  10. Diana Ross, “Do You Know Where You’re Going To (Theme from Mahogany)”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for January 31, 2023.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: KBIM (910 AM Roswell NM), 1/24/76

  1. I got to Convoy and then it prevented me from playing but I went to YouTube and listened even thoug1h I know the songs well. I appreciate Barry Manilow more now than when he was a big hit back in the 70s.
    I have not heard the Fox song in decades and always loved that song so thanks for bringing that back. After listening to Donna , I need a xold shower! I also loved Una Paloma which was played at numerous weddings. ELO is another huge fav of mine and I own most of their albums. I think they were the first to really bring out the special effects etc qith their performances. Now I must play catch up.

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    1. I just looked up Whisky A Go Go (I was a little too young to remember it)in Chicago. If it was at Rush and Chestnut, it was about two blocks north of Loyola University downtown, where Mary and I went to school.

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  2. remember all of these so well, except for ‘fox on the run’ and ‘una paloma’ but would probably remember them if I heard them –


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