#1LinerWeds from “Bluebird of Bitterness”

Translation: If you can read this sign, you can get a good job in the fast-paced, high-paying world of Latin.

Thanks, Bluebird!

Linda is the creator and host of One-Liner Wednesday. Now a word about new Bounty paper towels. It absorbs like magic!

8 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from “Bluebird of Bitterness”

  1. I could kind of read a couple of words but still didn’t know the meaning. I took it throughout high school. Hated the teacher..ass.
    That bounty commercial makes me think that it was made more durable back then. I wonder what the cost was. Here, in Ontario, you can get it on sale for $5.99 Canadian. I’ve seen it higher…they are gauging us


    1. Mary will catch a sale at Target for both paper towels and toilet paper and get a big pack or two. Not so much that we’re hoarding, but enough that, whenever we need either of those, we have them. She gets a good price whenever she buys,o sometimes Target gives gift cards if you buy a certain amount. She’s definitely he father’s daughter.

      I took three years of Latin and two of Greek in high school, and other than the odd word or two can’t remember any of it. My stepfather taught Latin when he was a priest, and helped my brother Pat through it. I think I should have asked him for help…


  2. Ahhh, Latin. My high school Latin teacher, Mr. Boyland was quite a trip. He kicked our chairs if he wanted us to answer a question and banged his head on the chalkboard when someone said something he thought was stupid. But every Friday he told us funny stories about the gods and goddesses. I don’t remember much Latin though!


    1. I hardly remember any of it, or of Greek. My brother Pat’s father (my stepfather) was a Latin teacher back in his Roman-collar days, and Pat took fulladvantage. Makes me wish I had done the same…

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      1. It was not an intuitive language. I remember Mr. Boyland trying to convince us it was much easier than English because of the placement of the subject and the verb in a sentence.


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