Song of the Day: Sofia Shkidchenko, “Derzhavnyi Himn Ukrainy” #LoIsInDaBl23

Bee’s prompt for today is "A Love Song For Ukraine and all other countries troubled by violence." I decided that a national anthem, or hymn, expresses love of country.

I discovered the lovely Sofia Shkidchenko less than a year ago. She is a teenaged Ukrainian singer who learned the decidedly non-Ukrainian art of yodeling. I used one of her yodel songs here and featured her on an edition of Five For Friday that same day. At the time, hostilities between Russia and Ukraine had just started, and she and her family escaped to Poland. She spent some time in the US, attending Berklee College of Music, last summer, and is now back in Ukraine, singing, going to school, and keeping her head low. She leads into the song with some information about the anthem. I support her on Patreon…

15 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Sofia Shkidchenko, “Derzhavnyi Himn Ukrainy” #LoIsInDaBl23

  1. What a superb voice…so controlled but with great power. Not easy to do this without any instrument to back her up. She went back!? Wow, what a brave woman and one to be respected.


  2. Hi John – she expresses her views incredibly well … then what a rich voice. Thanks for sharing with us – cheers Hilary


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