#LoIsInDaBl23: Anne Murray, “A Love Song”

It’s a "Your Choice" day on Love Is In Da Blog, so I decided to do another Kenny Loggins song. "A Love Song" was written by Loggins and Dona Lyn George and originally appeared on Loggins and Messina’s 1973 alum Full Sail. Canadian chanteuse Anne Murray released a cover of the song in late 1973 that reached #1 on the Canadian Adult Contemporary, Country, and Pop charts and on the US Adult Contemporary chart. She won the first of three Grammy Awards, for Best Female Country Vocal Performance, for this, in 1975.

18 thoughts on “#LoIsInDaBl23: Anne Murray, “A Love Song”

  1. Every song Anne Murray sang was ‘golden’. Her voice is so rich and distinct. She sang the closing theme (credit theme?) from the Burt Reynolds / Candace Bergen movie “Stick” – “I Don’t Think I’m Ready for You’. It’s another great love song.


  2. Great song pick. Anne Murray is often overlooked on the lists of the greatest singers. She surely knows how to cover a song. I understand she was good friends with the Loggins clan.Kenny’s songs where very good to her.


  3. Anne Murray has such a rich, soulful voice; I always preferred a woman’s deeper voice than a high soprano (no offense, sopranos!). Doesn’t this sound like something Jim Croce would have sung? In fact the first 2-3 notes remind me of “Time In a Bottle”. Great choice this morning, John!

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