Share Your World For 2/6/23

It’s time for everyone’s favorite Monday feature, Share Your World! Di asks the questions and I do my beest to wrangle a few laughs out of them…

What kind of vacations did you have as a child? Dad used to get his vacation the week before Labor Day (the first Monday in September in the US and Canada), so we would rent a cabin on Lake Delavan in Delavan, Wisconsin, leave the Saturday before the week before Labor Day, and come home on Labor Day, the day before Mom returned to school and two days before we did. Dad spent the majority of his time golfing and getting sunburned, we spent the majority of our day waiting for Dad to come home so we could go swimming (no idea why Mom didn’t take us, but there ya go). After Dad died, we went up every summer until I was a freshman in high school. The next summer, we moved…

Source: Google Maps

When I say "cabin," I’m really talking about a small house, and on occasion the houses were pretty big. We weren’t that far from Chicago and could still get WLS, WCFL, WMAQ (to listen to White Sox games) and WGN (to listen to Cubs games) on the radio, which was pretty much all you wanted to do when you reached double digits in age. The older folks liked it, because they could sit on screened-in porches and drink. I’ll have plenty more to say about that eventually…

Have any of those remained favorites now that you’re an adult? After we had all pretty much moved out of the house, Mom and Tex (who by this time had Pat) bought a house up there ("Christian’s Corner," because their name was Christian and it was on a corner) and would go up there a few times (pretty much every weekend) when the weather got warmer. Mary and I went up a couple of times, but only for a couple of days.

What has been your best vacation ever? It would have to be the two weeks we spent in Edinburgh and London (one week apiece) as a sort of delayed honeymoon in 1979.

Do you prefer resorts where there are no kids allowed? Having never been to a resort, I have no first-hand experience of resorts, with or without kids. I would suppose I would prefer no kids. Well, maybe him…

That’s all for this week! Time to blow this Popsicle stand…

14 thoughts on “Share Your World For 2/6/23

  1. We used to vacation in the Pisgahview Mountains, North Carolina. We stayed in cabins and hot water was almost non-existent. I dreaded having to wash my hair thus I fell in love with dry shampoo.


  2. I’ll never forget the night we spent up there when your Mother and Jack bought their place. We slept on the upper floor and the bathroom was on the first floor. Getting down the tiny staircase was a project especially in the middle of the night. Remember the shower set-up?


    1. These were more like houses with not a whole lot of insulation, so they were fine until the temps got into the 50’s. There are some who have actually set the houses up to be used in the winter, but my folks never got that far…

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