Song of the Day: Friend & Lover, “Reach Out Of The Darkness” #LoIsInDaBl23

Bee’s prompt for today is "a folk love song from your tweens." This song came out in 1968, when I was 12, and while it’s not necessarily about romantic love, the lyrics are about finding friends and reaching out to one another. Jim Post, who with wife Cathy were Friend & Lover, was inspired to write "Reach Out Of The Darkness" after the New York Love-In. They recorded the song in Nashville, with such studio musicians as Ray Stevens and Joe South. Jim and Cathy went their separate ways not long after the song reaching the charts, with Jim staying in Chicago and making a name for himself in the Chicago folk scene of the ’70’s (with singers such as Steve Goodman, John Prine, and Bonnie Koloc). Nationally, the song reached #10; it peaked at #3 on WLS in Chicago, from whence Friend & Lover came…

14 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Friend & Lover, “Reach Out Of The Darkness” #LoIsInDaBl23

        1. They almost won the AL flag in 1967 just on the basis of their pitching, but the team had a batting average of .225, an OPS+ of 86 and were 9th (out of 10 teams) in runs. They tried to get more hitting over the winter and didn’t, finishing 8th in ’68 and at or near the bottom in the AL west the next two years. I could go on like this for hours…

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  1. This is at the top of my Flower Power list of songs, but it sounds a bit different, and I guess that is because it was not the radio version that I am more used to hearing.


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