Top Ten Tuesday: WWDJ (970 AM, Hackensack NJ), 2/7/72

The station at 970 AM from Hackensack, New Jersey first hit the airwaves as an experimental broadcaster in 1922. The station only became WWDJ in 1971 and only had those call letters until 1974, while it was a Top 40 station. Currently the station is WNYM, a conservative talk station. WWDJ is a Catholic broadcaster in Boston these days. Here is WWDJ’s Top Ten from 51 years ago today…

  1. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog
  2. Wilson Pickett – Fire and Water
  3. Jonathan Edards – Sunshine (Go Away Today)
  4. Three Dog Night – Never Been To Spain
  5. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
  6. The Stylistics – You Are Everything
  7. Climax – Precious And Few
  8. The Osmonds – Down By The Lazy River
  9. Badfinger – Day After Day
  10. Harry Nilsson – Without You

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for February 7, 2023.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WWDJ (970 AM, Hackensack NJ), 2/7/72

  1. I was born in 1967 and I know all of these songs…but if you ask me the same question about 5-10 years ago…I probably wouldn’t know any


      1. I’m 8 years younger than my sister and cousins…so I heard a lot of the music of the decade through singles and WMAK am radio here.
        What really helped was reading about the Beatles and sixties…


  2. Love your lust and what a shame they went fown that path for broadcasting..yechhh
    Love the songs and thank you forbthe last one as that was in my head for my past tomorrow but had no idea who did it and how to find it. Now on yo your other posts to catch up.


    1. AM radio has fallen out of favor for broadcasting music, and if the stations want to stay on the air they have to come up with a format that people will listen to. Like it or not, conservative talk radio is one of them. More stations are moving to the FM band, and ultimately the powers that be may shrink or even eliminate the AM band (as has been done with the UHF TV band) to accommodate mobile communications. I don’t think it’ll be eliminated entirely, as AM has certain advantages over FM that make it vital for emergency communications, but we’ll see….


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