Morning Dawdler for 2/13/23

Rory has more questions…

What is it about writing that you enjoy? Seeing my words on the page, and remembering what I was thinking when I wrote them.

You have twenty minutes to take five practical everyday items from your house that will fit into a backpack that you will need to survive for two weeks in the wild – what do you take? My emergency radio, a Swiss Army knife, enough fishing tackle that I could, conceivably, catch something to eat (I’m not a fisherman, as a rule), a Zippo lighter (fueled up), and a filtered water bottle.

Have you ever experienced road rage whilst driving in your car as a driver or passenger in someone else’s car? Oh yeah. The time I remember best was the time when I’m driving along in the far left lane of an Interstate (where people generally move a little faster than the speed limit, and all of a sudden this convertible with two middle-aged women pulls in front of me, forcing me to slam on the brakes. They then proceed to go about 45 miles an hour (speed limit was 65, typical speed in that lane is at least 70). I have this long line of very angry drivers behind me, and every time I try to move over to go around them, someone from behind me pulls into that lane and goes flying past me. Finally, I feel safe to move over to go around them, and just as I start to pull over, they pull over in front of me. I got back in the left lane and speed up past them, and they’re laughing. At me. If Mary hadn’t been in the car with me, I would have pulled in front of them and slammed on my brakes…. but, I didn’t…

Do you complain or keep quiet if you receive lousy service when out and about and what is most likely to tick you off the most? I tend to be forgiving if things go wrong, but I don’t stand for someone being arrogant or argumentative with me. In those cases, I do ask to speak to a manager.

All for now! See you next time!

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

14 thoughts on “Morning Dawdler for 2/13/23

  1. My first speeding ticket came from something like that: car pulled in front of me and realy slowed down so I went around then they sped up and got back in front. I sped up to go around and get away from them and that was when I got pulled over.


  2. great answers John, a great survival list and that torch sounds like the only thing it doesn’t do is make you a cup of coffee 🙂 As to the two bints in the car, that is just dang dangerous. If life was like Mad Max you should have just shunted them out the way 🙂


  3. Love your answers and I love what you would pick. I would choose a flashlight a lighter, a knife, money, underwear.
    Those 2 women should have been hauled over and given a big fine…dumb bit#%#. I have had road rage and I love using my middle finger. My ADHD hubby expresses himself quite well when it comes to road rage.


    1. Thy really should have been. They could have caused a serious accident.

      My emergency radio has a flashlight built in, and I can use it to charge my phone if I have to. It has an internal battery that can be charged with AC power, with a dynamo that generates electricity when you crank it, and with a small solar panel built in, or you can use AA batteries. It has AM/FM and weather bands. It was around $125….


  4. Well, were you just driving slow in the left lane? It’s a passing lane. My dad used to call people who did that “Guelfs” which was a town he thought was funny in Canada. I’d need to know if you were clogging up the works. However, when you say “far left lane” that’s a bit different if there were three lanes or more since often people exit to the left on those types of roads. So maybe you were innocent…. doesn’t excuse instigating things by the other drivers. Ha. Just kidding around.


    1. I was going 75 and barely slowed down before rear-ending her. I got honked at a lot, because everyone behind me had to slow down, too. Then everyone’s mad at me because they couldn’t see the car in front of me going 45.


      1. No I got that part. Sounds like a nut. But were you holding up traffic in the left lane and they wanted to teach you a lesson by getting in front of you and slowing down no matter where you went? 🙂 More unusual for it be an issue if there’s at least three lanes. Just kidding you anyway, I’m sure you are an excellent driver.


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