Top Ten Tuesday: WKBR (1250 AM, Manchester NH), 2/14/60

After years as a Top 40 station, WKBR in Manchester, New Hampshire became WGAM and was affiliated first with Fox Sports, then with ESPN. In 2017, WGAM switched to oldies as "Oldies Radio WGAM" and started simulcasting on WGHM in Nashua, New Hampshire. My guess is that they’re playing some of the songs from Valentine’s Day, 1960, so here’s their Top Ten from that day.

  1. The Ames Brothers, “China Doll”
  2. Johnny Horton, “Sink The Bismarck”
  3. Conway Twitty, “Lonely Blue Boy”
  4. Perry Como, “Delavare”
  5. Johnny Preston, “Running Bear”
  6. The Everly Brothers, “Let It Be Me”
  7. Mark Dinning, “Teen Angel”
  8. Jim Reeves, “He’ll Have To Go”
  9. Jimmy Jones, “Handy Man”
  10. Jack Scott, “What In The World’s Come Over You”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for February 14, 2023.

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WKBR (1250 AM, Manchester NH), 2/14/60

  1. Running Bear… that takes me way back listening to old singles my realitves had…I remember that one and Phantom 309.


  2. Love Johnny Horton. The teen angel is a very sad, sad song and current to today’s kids too. Great list as usual. Happy Valentine’s Day Capt. WHIZ.


    1. Best thing was that I didn’t pick the songs, just the survey. I found a huge repository of radio station surveys, some international ones too. I like to do this (I’ve been doing it for several years now) because there’s a lot of good music (and, admittedly, some bad) that a lot of people either have never heard or haven’t heard in years, and I don’t want them forgotten. For that matter, I don’t want people to forget that radio was such a part of our lives back then. So many stations are either dark or doing news/talk, sports, or religion.

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      1. That’s very cool, John. I can remember listening to Yankee ballgames on the radio – in my opinion the best way to listen to a game. Those were some of the most exciting radio times back then. I used to listen on my little white portable radio to WMCA and The Good Guys in NY for all my early teen R&R, then later WPLG and WNEW with such notables as Allison Steele “The Night Bird”, Scott Muni and Dennis Elsas, etc. Great stuff!

        I’m curious about something, John. How do you get all those videos to play one after the other? I can write a 2,000 word story but give me something technological like that and I come up empty!


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