Writer’s Workshop: Bublup!

Being retired makes it possible for me to engage in one of my favorite projects: taking on the massive amount of electronic STUFF I accumulate that I think I might want to refer to at a later time, and of course never actually using it. Why do I do it? Because I just love chasing my tail…

Most of you know that I’m a long-time Evernote user. That’s where I keep all my important house stuff, e.g. copies of insurance policies, receipts for all the credit card bills I pay in a month, product manuals, etc. I’m trying to keep what gets saved there to a minimum, so I can find things more quickly.

That leaves the articles that I decide I want to save. Inoreader, my feed reader, has the facility to save things indefinitely, but I can’t seem to get my arms around how it’s done. I have an on-again, off-again relationship with Pocket and Instapaper, but again, those tend to fill up, and eventually I have to dump everything in them and start again.

A couple of days ago, I received a reminder that I still have a Bublup account, So, I took all the bookmarks and URL’s out of everywhere else I had articles and web pages saved and consolidated them into Bublup, and now I’m trying to impose some semblance of order on them all. That project should keep me busy.

May God have mercy on my soul…

16 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Bublup!

  1. You are a brave man, John Holton! I’ve been battling with asinine One Drive to consolidate, rename, and move my data into organized folders. I absolutely despise it but, for now, it’s a necessary evil.

    One day, I will venture into the yet-to-be-known and try one of yours.

    I must bow in your Internet presence!


    1. I’ve used Evernote forever, but I once considered moving to OneNote. God, what a mess that was. There’s another one I’ve tried called Zoho Notebook, if you want to try that.


  2. Those things sound like good organizing tools, but I don’t save enough of that sort of thing from online to have reason to, I guess. I use files in my Yahoo mail for anything important that comes thru there.


    1. I’m not sure if I have that much stuff, either. I have Evernote for the important stuff, this is for my personal stuff, and I might find that there’s another solution that works better (Google Drive?)


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