Morning Dawdler for 2/19/23

Rory’s at it again…

Who do you think you might be in an alternate universe? The way I’ve always heard it, in an alternate universe the characters and settings are the same, but the plot is different, so I’d still be me. The difference would be in what happened. I’d likely be considerably thinner and more muscular, be married to a supermodel less than half my age and have have a couple of kids, and play guitar in a jazz combo. How’d I come up with that? Your guess is as good as mine…

If I could play half as well as Wes, I’d be ecstatic

What would be the most surreal situation you could imagine finding yourself in? Living in a Salvador Dali painting, like "The Persistence of Memory."

You won!! You have five minutes for a Supermarket Dash in the FoodHall – what will you fill your trolley/shopping cart with? Frozen pizza, Klondike bars, Ritz crackers, Chex Mix, cheese, and Diet Dr Pepper.

You have 60 minutes to hide 50 million in hard currency [Notes] in your house – where would you put the money/cash – to avoid detection? My closet has a dresser in front of it. Probably in there. Note that certain influential people and politicians are proposing doing away with notes and coins in favor of digital currency. In that way, you couldn’t hide any money from them and, with just a few keystrokes, they could take it all from you. Sounds like a dystopian future to me…

5 thoughts on “Morning Dawdler for 2/19/23

  1. I say no to the digital. That’s just wrong on many levels. Too many fees, interest not to mention stealing.
    Love that Dali gif…too funny. I have no idea what my alternate universe would be. There are too many to contemplate. I would buy meat, laundry supplies, tp, paper towels and fish. I would never tell anyone where I would hide the money:))


    1. I mean, how can you stick a $5 bill into a card for a kid’s birthday if there are no $5 bills? The beauty of using currency is that it’s anonymous: the only people who know it’s changed hands are the two parties involved.

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