Song of the Day: Sanchez, “Oh Honey”

Today, Bee wants "a reggae love song from [my] 40’s." I’m neither a fan of reggae ror much of a fan of music between 1996 and 2005, the years of my fifth decade (40-49), so this is a total shot in the dark. I found this one by a reggae artist named Sanchez, whom Allmusic calls a "Rough and distinctive reggae singer emerged in the late 1980s with gritty dancehall rhythms to spare." I found "Oh Honey" within a two-hour collection of reggae songs. It can apparently be found on two compilation albums, Reggae Hits, Vol. 19from 1995 and Kickin’ Productions Vol. 1 from 1999.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Sanchez, “Oh Honey”

  1. Reggae and dub are legitimate music genres, many mainstream performers use their cadences- The Police, UB40, Eric Clapton, you just have to listen closely, I like this one, very mellow and tuneful, thanks for posting.


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