MMMM Addendum: “Bubblegum” Now On Spotify!

Maggie asked if I had added today’s playlist to Spotify. I thought that was a great idea! The songs are in a slightly different order, and I added a bunch more songs. Anyway, here ya go…

13 thoughts on “MMMM Addendum: “Bubblegum” Now On Spotify!

    1. “Little Bit O’Soul” is a great song, and I was surprised to see it was considered bubblegum, but it’s really a loosely defined genre. Just about anything fits in it, kind of like Sunshine pop and even Yacht Rock. Of course, I thought bubblegum was stupid when I was in high school, but after almost 50 years I find that it gives me a good feeling of nostalgia, and I remember the words and everything…

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      1. Yea there was a time where I didn’t like bubblegum either but now I love the tuneful songs.
        This one always reminded me of Louie Louie or that style anyway

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