MMMM: More Bubblegum!

A couple of weeks ago on Song Lyric Sunday, I suggested the theme of Bubblegum music. It’s a kind of loosely-defined form of music, so loosely-defined as to include disco and The Monkees, though both of those are debatable. My definition of it is "tween dance music." I gathered a dozen examples, for your listening enjoyment.

  1. The Ohio Express, “Yummy Yummy Yummy”
  2. The Partridge Family, “I Think I Love You”
  3. The Banana Splits, “The Tra-La-La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)”
  4. Music Explosion, “Little Bit O’ Soul”
  5. The Osmonds, “One Bad Apple”
  6. The Archies, “Bang Shang A Lang”
  7. DeFranco Family, “Abra-Ca-Dabra”
  8. 1910 Fruit Gum Company, “Indian Giver”
  9. Tommy Roe, “Hooray For Hazel”
  10. Bobby Sherman, “Julie Do You Love Me”
  11. White Plains, “My Baby Loves Lovin'”
  12. New Colony Six, “I Lie Awake”

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for February 27, 2023.

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27 thoughts on “MMMM: More Bubblegum!

  1. Bubblegum music was big in the late 60s. Personally, I wouldn’t include the Monkees (they recorded some good tunes by famous songwriters) or disco, which had a different vibe and came about 10 years later. You’ve shared some prime examples here, for sure! Yummy Yummy Yummy was a wicked earworm. 😀


    1. I wouldn’t, either. There are those who would include The Monkees and disco in with bubblegum and some have a pretty compelling case for it. Most of the playlists that Spotify builds that are supposedly bubblegum are more “sunshine pop.”

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  2. SO HOW YA BEEN? FINE I HOPE! OOOPS! I ALREADY COMMENTED, SO SORRY, BUT HELLO AGAIN! hehehehehehe and sending BIG HUGS… THANKS AGAIN & THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR HOLDIN’ DOWN THE FORT. Oh, I found this channel on TV that shows all the old cowboy movies. The biggest one is Matt Dillion in GUNSMOKE! WOO HOO LUV IT! I haven’t missed a show. Plus there are other old shows on this channel. I don’t know what the channel is by you, but it haves all the old shows. GUNSMOKE, CHEYENNE, AND SO MANY MORE! PLUS OLD COWBOY MOVIES TOO! WOO HOO! HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!


    1. MeTV is just about the only thing Mary and I watch here, but we don’t watch that much TV. We quit cable almost ten years ago, so we watch whatever we can get over the air…. anyway, MeTV has Westerns all afternoon, including Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wagon Train, and my favorite, The Rifleman with Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. I love the relationship between Lucas McCain and Mark McCain; it’s nice to see an openly-affectionate relationship between father and son. And MeTV has The Three Stooges and Svengoolie on Saturday night…. What station are you watching? We might have it here as one of subchannels. It’s amazing how much free TV we’ve discovered…

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  3. BESIDES ALL THE GIRLS I’VE MISSED YOU THE MOST! John, John, John… you always pick such great songs and you never miss a beat! HOWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY! Yep, it’s me HELLO DOLLY! hehehehe DID YA MISS ME JOHN? HOPE SO! Anyway I won’t make this too long because we have the rest of the year to message each other and then we can START ALL OVER AGAIN! hehehehehe How ya been ol’ friend??? I’m just peachy now, but unfortunately I couldn’t put my blog back together, but between my friend CATHY & SANDY…. HERE I AM! WOO HOO! DID YA MISS ME? I HOPE SO. LUVIN’ YOUR TUNES OF COURSE. You have to be the best tune finder there is! Anyway, we have the rest of the year to talk & then we can START ALL OVER AGAIN! HAHAHAHAHA You are the best tune picker there is my friend. Hugs & talk to again soon! Thank you for stickin’ it out for me! YOU’RE DUH BEST! So here’s a big HELLO to you & yours! HUGS, DOLLY


    1. Hey Marie! Glad to see you’re on the mend and getting back into things here. I’m hanging in there… both knees are shot, but I can still get around in the house and I don’t go out a lot. Sounds like a bummer (and it is, kind of), but it leaves more time for music. I’ve been getting my money’s worth out of the $10 a month I pay Spotify. It’s really amazing how much great stuff is out there. It’s not all rap, hip-hop, and young people who sing like they’re constipated. Plenty of music for an old-timer like me. YouTube is great, except videos tend to disappear and be unavailable at the most inconvenient times. Anyway, I see you left another comment… I’ll continue there…


      1. The heyday of bubblegum was 1968 to 1972, and it never really went away after that. There are some who say that disco is just a continuation of bubblegum; I think that’s a little farfetched, but I can understand the case they make with it.

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  4. Love this list and some of the music . It stopped at Bad Apple. I went to your Spotify but it only played snippets. I am at work so don’t have the ability to go to YouTube for each one. I am always sad about David Cassidy who was so big back then. He went down the rabbit hole his dad created. Funny how he always wanted his dad’s approval and never got it. I watched an excellent documentary on Cassidy making his final album as an homage to his dad…who didn’t deserve it.


    1. You might want to try Spotify again. I replaced the playlist so it would play more than just a sample of each. Still learning to work with it.

      Jack Cassidy was a good actor who played the killer on a few “Columbo” episodes, but I know he mistreated his son, which is a damn shame. Shirley Jones, who wasn’t even his birth mother, took good care of him.


  5. I’m particularly happy to see The Archies and The Banana Splits share the spotlight again! Your playlists are the wind beneath my earworm.


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