Truthful Tuesday: Fame?

Today’s question: Would you like to be famous? And if so, what for?

At this stage of my life, fame would be more than likely for something bad that happened, either to myself or to someone else for which I could be blamed. So, no…

Thinking back through life, there were times when I wouldn’t have minded being famous. When I was young, I wanted to pitch for the White Sox; when I was in high school, I wanted to be a rock/blues guitarist. Both of those fell by the wayside thanks to being told repeatedly to "be sensible" and "be realistic." I read an article or a blog post recently that talked about people who spend so much time preparing in the event that they need a Plan B that Plan A gets forgotten entirely until one day you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and think "whatever happened to those plans to pitch for the White Sox, or those plans to be a great rock and blues guitarist?" By then, it’s too late. (And, before anyone gives me a pep talk about "there’s always time" and "you can always start," I appreciate it, but, sorry, it ain’t happening. Not after the stroke.)

If someone showed up tomorrow and offered me fame and fortune, I’d tell them to forget the fame and give me twice the fortune…

13 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: Fame?

  1. When I was young and wildly optimistic (often to the point of being untethered from reality), I thought I was going to be a best-selling novelist someday. But the prospect of being famous kind of scared me, so I spent a lot of time thinking about a pen name that would hide my true identity. Alas, it never became an issue.


  2. Pitcher, huh? I love baseball. Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies. Something about baseball. And golf. Ha. I played with all the neighborhood boys, then played on a boy’s 4-H softball team. I wish you could still play the guitar, but I admire your grit.


    1. Field of Dreams was a fantastic movie, and so was Bull Durham and the first Major League movie. (Kevin Costner should stick to baseball movies.) I allso liked A League Of Their Own, and all the old ones (Pride of the Yankees, Fear Strikes Out, The Babe Ruth Story, etc.). Moneyball was good, too; it focused more on the business end, but it was interesting. They never made a movie out of Ball Four, Jim Bouton’s memoir that caused a huge furor when it came out. That book made me a fan for life. It pulled players off the pedestals we built for them and showed that they were just big kids playing a game for a living…


      1. Don’t forget For the Love of the Game! I also liked Kevin in Tin Cup a lot and I am enjoying Yellowstone, though it’s pretty violent. But sports movies are his thing and those are all the good ones, I think. He made some really horrible ones. That Thousand Miles to Graceland or whatever it was, worst movie I’ve ever seen, though they say Waterworld, really bad.


        1. I didn’t see For Love Of The Game. What was the movie with Dennis Quaid as the high school coach who makes the majors?

          He was good in Rumor Has It… with Jennifer Aniston and Shirley MacLaine. I think he played a retired ballplayer in that.

          I watched, but didn’t listen to, “Tin Cup” twice one week. It was the featured movie on Delta Airlines one month, and somehow it ended up being the inflight movie on both flights. I didn’t want to cough up the money for the headphones. One movie I did rent the headphones for was The Sandlot, which is a fantastic baseball movie and an even better coming-of-age movie.


          1. Well, you NEED to see For the Love of the Game and Tin Cup! Tin Cup is hilarious, I think. Do you have Amazon prime? Yeah, Rumor Has It was ok. I do like Kevin, but he’s been in some bad ones. Yellowstone is pretty riveting and he’s doing good acting in it. We’ve been binging it…


  3. Yes, I thought of a time to be a film star of old. I wanted to be photographed by George Hurrell or Clsrence Sinclsir Bull. Then I thought of the paparazzi and all that crap plus that I might be the extra sitting in the back having coffee while the real stars do their thang. I wouldn’t mind feeling like I have accomplished more in my small life but, maybe I have and just don’t realize it. I’m with you..I’ll take double the money.


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