Song of the Day: Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, “Cuban Pete”

Cuban-American singer, bandleader, actor, and TV producer Desi Arnaz was born on this date in 1917. He co-starred with his wife, Lucille Ball, on the sitcom I Love Lucy. One of the premises of the series was that Ricky was the bandleader at a New York nightclub called The Copacabana and Lucy was always looking to be part of the act. On occasion, she actually made it, such as in this video from the TV show. Arnaz recorded "Cuban Pete" in 1946 with his orchestra and singer Amanda Lane.

16 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, “Cuban Pete”

  1. Hi John – great to see the Jim Carrey one – fun … while I’ve an acquaintance here who’s called Lucille and I always have to remember I love Lucy – o remember her name! Fun to see – thanks – Hilary


    1. Absolutely, they were a talented pair, and shrewd businesspeople. Look at the number of series that were filmed at Desilu. Lucy was the real brains there, I think: she was the one who decided to take a chance on Star Trek, and the one who saved Mannix. A very talented comedienne and a real beauty. She had been in a radio comedy called My Favorite Husband with Richard Demmings that they wanted to port over to TV. She was the one that insisted Desi play her husband. It became I Love Lucy and has been in syndication for years, and it’s a true classic. I don’t think it would be as memorable if Demmings (who’s nevertheless a great actor) had played her husband. The big worry was that people would turn it off because Desi was Cuban…

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