Writer’s Workshop: Easy For You To Say…

I think, when people say "this is a simple task," they’re thinking that it’s simple for them to explain. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been told something is simple, but it actually proved to be quite involved. You might remember this story. That was supposed to be a simple task…

If you look at a bartender’s guide (such as Mr. Boston’s), you’ll see that many of the recipes call for something called "simple syrup." Essentially, it’s sugar and water, but involves boiling and simmering the sugar water until it’s kind of thick and the sugar is completely dissolved. Still pretty simple.

A SIMPLE IRA is an IRA to which an employer contributes two or three percent of an employee’s base salary to an investment account. Nowhere near as popular as a 401(k) or 403(b) these days, but I’m sure they’re still out there.

Finally, here’s one of my favorite Three Stooges sketches…

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Easy For You To Say…

  1. TV shows were sure a whole lot simpler back in the day! I’ve also heard of “simple math” and I have to say it’s never very simple to me. I still count on my fingers.


    1. They were, and I would argue a lot more enjoyable. Most shows in the ’60’s were 30 minutes long, but the writers could tell a whole story in that time, even with dramas. They could really write.


  2. Qhen I read IRA I thought of Ireland and the bombings etc…I hate it when someone says that because it’s anything but especially in computers. I found many leave out a step or 3 and I am lost. Love the 3 Stooges..I needed that laugh today…in a lot of pain because of the oncoming storm.


    1. You and Bee said the same thing about IRA. Believe me, it’s an individual retirement account…

      That Three Stooges bit features Shemp, for whom I’ve gained a better appreciation in my later years. Shemp’s humor is a little more subtle than Curly’s, not quite as physical and goofy, but still a good fit as Moe and Larry got older.


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