Five For Friday: Jule Styne and Betty Comden & Adolph Green

Jule Styne was born in London on New Year’s Eve 1905 to emigrants from Ukraine. He and his family moved to Chicago when Jule was eight. He started taking piano lessons and was considered a prodigy, eventually performing with the Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit Symphonies. He had been a voice coach with Twentieth Century Fox until Darryl F. Zanuck fired him in a cost-cutting measure. It was Zanuck who suggested Styne should write songs because "that’s Forever."

Stne wrote with many partners, including Yip Harburg, Stephen Sondheim, Bob Merrill, and Sammy Cahn, but many of the musicals he wrote were with the team of Betty Comden and Adolph Green. If I counted correctly, they wrote eight shows together and contributed to the musical Peter Pan. Here are five songs from their shows together.

  1. Never Never Land (from Peter Pan) – Jane Monheit
  2. It’s The Second Time You Meet That Matters (from *Say, Darling) – Dinah Shore
  3. Mu-cha-cha (from Bells Are Ringing) – Judy Holliday and Peter Gennaro
  4. Take A Job (from Do, Re, Mi) – Nathan Lane and Heather Headley
  5. It’s Good To Be Back Home (from Fade In Fade Out) – Carol Burnett

Jule Styne and Betty Comden & Adolph Green, your Five For Friday, March 3, 2023.

3 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Jule Styne and Betty Comden & Adolph Green

  1. I wrote here..ughh. these are dings I don’t know much and, u have to say that Judy Holiday song was ….irritating…lol. she was a great one.


    1. Judy Holliday’s voice could be annoying, but she was a great comedic actress and that was part of the act. Have you seen “Bells Are Ringing”? She sings several songs in that and shows she’s a better than average singer.


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