Song of the Day: Wes Montgomery Trio, “Fried Pies”

Jazz guitar virtuoso Wes Montgomery was born exactly 100 years ago today. "Fried Pies" is from his trio’s 1963 album Guitar On The Go, featuring Melvin Rhyne on organ and Jimmy Cobb on drums.

10 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Wes Montgomery Trio, “Fried Pies”

  1. This is so great. I picturedyself in a bar from the 60s..a bit smoke-filled having a hard drink…like a vodka on ice, in a black dress listening to this and enjoying every minute.


  2. Is interesting to note that Wes Montgomery is casually smoking a cigarette while performing. Even if you were there, today it seems odd to see such photographs. I wonder what younger people think when they see such images.


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