Top Ten Tuesday: KOIL (1290 AM, Omaha NE), 3/13/59

I’m going to do things a little different. Rather than creating a playlist, I put the individual songs in the post yesterday, and my brother seemed pretty happy with it, so I’m going to try that again. I’ll still create a playlist for those who want it, I just won’t embed it like I had been. Let me know how you like it!

KOIL first went on the air in 1925, and was purchased by promoter Don Burden in 1953. He turned KOIL into a Top 40 station, and it remained one until Burden’s licenses were revoked in 1976, due to certain improprieties (e.g. bribery). The station came back several months later with a new owner. It’s now a news-talk station and an affiliate of the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Here’s their Top Ten from March 13, 1959.

10 – Chris Barber’s Jazz Band, “Petite Fleur”

9 – The Diamonds, “She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)”

8 – Andy Williams, “The Hawaiian Wedding Song”

7 – The Crests, “Sixteen Candles”

6 – Brook Benton, “It’s Just A Matter Of Time”

5 – The Chipmunks, “Alvin’s Harmonica”

4 – Lloyd Price, “Stagger Lee”

3 – The Bell Notes, “I’ve Had It”

2 – Frankie Avalon, “Venus”

1 – The Coasters, “Charlie Brown”

Here’s the Top Ten as a playlist:

That’s Top Ten Tuesday for March 7, 2023.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: KOIL (1290 AM, Omaha NE), 3/13/59

  1. This is a really nice lust snd I can picture my mom enjoying this, even the Alvin song. Both my parents laughed at this song but they met in 1959 so, maybe, this song meant something to them.


  2. I remembered more of these than I thought I would when I saw the title. I like this format, John. I often end up pasting the song title into a browser to bring up the song. Interesting that you have two songs that deal with young men shooting craps. I guess it was more of a thing in 1959 than I remember.


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