Song of the Day EXTRA: RIP Jerry Samuels

I got some sad news a few minutes ago: One-hit wonder Jerry Samuels, better known as Napoleon XIV, died today at the age of 84. He was responsible for one of the more infamous novelty records of all time, 1966’s "They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!"

The other side was even crazier: He took the recorded song, ran it backwards, and recorded it. Warner Bros. Records even printed the label for side 2 backwards.

I told Mary about this, and she and I did the whole "song" together. We can barely remember why we went into a room, but we can remember all the words to a novelty record that came out almost 60 years ago. I bet more than a few of you did, too….

Rest in peace, Napoleon XIV…

16 thoughts on “Song of the Day EXTRA: RIP Jerry Samuels

  1. What a shame to hear he passed away. I remember this song which would have been perfect for my musical choiced a few weeks back. This is a song that is all about one’s sanity and that B side is crazy:)


  2. That is pure genius for a B side… I do like the song…I didn’t know it got banned by some back then. He wasn’t making fun of anyone…to me anyway.

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  3. My gosh! I’ve never heard that before (a few years before my time) but I don’t think I could listen to it more than once, lol. That was certainly…different. I’m a little amazed it got picked up.


    1. I know some stations wouldn’t play it because they felt it made fun of people with psychological (even psychiatric) problems. I don’t think that was it at all….


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