Share Your World For 3/13/23

Di’s got questions, I have answers and other stuff.

What kind of music do you like? My favorites:

  1. Jazz, smooth and otherwise
  2. Fingerstyle guitar
  3. Standards and music from musicals
  4. Pretty much any popular music from 1945 up to about 1995
  5. Soul, particularly from the ’70’s

In short, pretty much anything except classical and rap/hip-hop.

What is your favourite food? Pizza!

What is your favourite tipple? Back in my drinking days, beer and whiskey, particularly Jack Daniel’s and Scotch. Now, coffee, lemonade, Diet Dr Pepper, and water.

What relaxes you (music, reading, walking, meditation, yoga etc)? Reading, listening to music, playing games (like Solitaire) and solving puzzles (like sudoku).

Gratitude: Thanks you to everyone for your condolences about Molly. And, I’m happy to report that I went to the dentist today for my cleaning and checkup, and my teeth are all fine. I think it was the first time I’ve been out of the house since the last time I went to the dentist…

Time to scoot!

9 thoughts on “Share Your World For 3/13/23

    1. I used to love the crosswords. I got to where I could rip through them pretty quickly. I used to get the morning paper, then on the way home from work I’d do them. My mother-in-law did it, too, and there were some evenings she’d be waiting outside (we lived in the same building) and she’d ask if I knew what the answer to 47 across (for example) was. The AJC used to (and might still) print the New York and LA Times crosswords on Sunday. I was really good at those. Since the stroke, I’ll occasionally do a crossword online, but sudoku is a little easier to handle, especially on my phone.

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