Writers Workshop: Ten Favorite Living Singers

The prompt says "If you had to choose 5 top favorite singers, who would make your list?" Good God Almighty, just five? I decided that I would choose from living singers, cutting down the field quite a bit, but even then, I can think of five men and five women that I would choose, at least this evening…

Ladies first…

Ksenia Buzina – Why Ksenia hasn’t already become an international superstar blows my mind. She’s a singer with the Russian cover band Leonid & Friends and seems to have everything going for her: fantastic voice, tremendous performer, intelligent, and drop-dead gorgeous. Here she does a cover of Chaka Khan and Rufus’s “Ain’t Nobody.”

Marcia Ball – Born in Texas, raised in Louisiana, Marcia is a blues singer and pianist, and incredible at both. Here’s her “Find Another Fool.”

Diane Schuur – Blind from birth, jazz singer and pianist Diane has a strong, confident voice. One of my favorites, “Louisiana Sunday Afternoon.”

Corinne Drewery – Swing Out Sister’s lead vocalist and one of Europop’s better singers. Her voice hooked me the first time I heard her. Here’s “La La (Means I Love You).”

Sarantuya – I discovered Sarantuya when I became interested in Mongolian pop music. She’s the “Queen of Pop” in Mongolia. Here is “Khairlasan setgel,” which translates simply to “Love” (So says Google Translate).

And now the gentlemen…

Rick Astley – I promise, no Rick-rolling… After his Stock Aitken Waterman days, he switched to soul and adult contemporary music, which suited his voice beautifully. This is “Cry For Help.”

Michael Franks – a smooth jazz singer and a leader of the “quiet storm” movement. I love his voice. From his album The Camera Never Lies, here is “Face To Face.”

Bruce Blackman – Former lead singer for the band Starbuck, he’s a singer from right here in Atlanta. You still see him at “yaxht rock” events. Here’s “Down Around Jim’s Cafe.”

Donald Fagen – Steely Dan’s lead vocalist from the mid-’70’s forward. He has a distinctive voice, which matches well with the complex lyrics of his songs. Here’s “Deacon Blues,” from the 1977 album Aja.

Joe Jackson – Part of the second wave of the British Invasion in the 1980’s, he has a great voice. What else can I say? Here’s his major hit, “Steppin’ Out.”

There are plenty more singers I could recommend, but this will give you a start.

26 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Ten Favorite Living Singers

  1. Well I’m glad you added video samples because I have not heard of any of these talented people. No Whiteny Houston? No Celine Dion? …we really are in different worlds. lol


      1. Oh I forgot about the living singer rule! I actually like your spin on the prompt better! You introduced me to some new great music!


  2. I’m late here bit I listened to all and enjoyed them except for the blind lady. Not my cup of tea. I love the lady from Leonid & Friends. I’d have the gals from ABBA , Sara Brightman, Linda Rondstadt, Katherine Jenkins.


  3. I don’t keep up with music like I used to and there is so much to keep up with that it would be difficult for me. There are a lot of good singers out there. Hard to just pick a few, but you did a fine job.



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