The Laetare Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by York Imperial-Size cigarettes. Try York for size, try York for taste, try York, the first imperial-size cigarette!

It’s the Fourth Sunday of Lent, also known as Laetare Sunday. This is one of two days that the priest can wear rose-colored vestments, unless his parish doesn’t have them or because he thinks they look "sissy." (Seriously, I heard a priest say that one year; he was wearing a microphone when he said it, and the whole church heard him.) In honor of the occasion, I’m wearing a pink shirt. It’s kind of faded to white…

It’s Beatles Week over at Max’s Powerpop blog, and yours truly wrote today’s post. The topic is one of my favorite singles that’s managed to fall through the cracks over the years.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the A to Z Theme Reveal, you needn’t worry: the actual signup for the A to Z Challenge starts next Sunday and closes April 8. If you did participate in the theme reveal, you’ll need to signup at the address we’ll give you next week. Watch the A to Z Challenge Blog or the WordPress simulcast blog next Sunday for instructions.

That’s all I have, so let’s move on to

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And that wraps up this edition of The Week That Was.

3 thoughts on “The Laetare Week That Was

  1. Didn’t get my act together soon enough for A-Z theme reveal week, but hopefully by next weekend I’ll know what I’m posting about this year, so can register in time for the start of the month… fingers crossed! 🙂


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