Song of the Day: Larry Elgart & His Orchestra, “Bandstand Boogie”

Alto saxophonist and bandleader Larry Elgart was born on this day in 1922. In 1954, he recorded Charles Albertine’s "Bandstand Boogie," which was used by the show American Bandstand for much of its run, both on local TV in Philadelphia and nationally on the ABC Television Network.

9 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Larry Elgart & His Orchestra, “Bandstand Boogie”

    1. I don’t remember Bandstand after school. By that time, it was “Where The Action Is” with Paul Revere and The Raiders. A guy I do remember is Lloyd Thaxton, who did a similar show out of LA. The Saturday “Bandstand” was must see TV every week…

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    1. Assuming they’ll play in Australia, there are videos from “American Bandstand” on YouTube. A lot of the earlier ones (’50’s and ’60’s) are part of the NRRA Archives, which has about half a dozen accounts there. Some of the videos there are from the Saturday night show that ran in the ’50’s and part of the ’60’s. You can spend hours there…


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