Song of the Day: David Grisman and Tommy Emmanuel, “Tipsy Gipsy”

Folk-bluegrass-jazz fusion mandolin player David Grisman celebrates his 78th birthday today. He was a member of the Even Dozen Jug Band with John Sebastian and Geoff and Maria Muldaur, then moved to the West Coast and joined with Jerry Garcia in his group Old and In The Way. Jerry gave him the nickname "Dawg," and Grisman calls his combination of bluegrass and Gypsy jazz "Dawg music." He collaborated with guitarist Tommy Emmanuel on the 2017 album Pickin’, from which "Tipsy Gipsy" was taken.

10 thoughts on “Song of the Day: David Grisman and Tommy Emmanuel, “Tipsy Gipsy”

  1. I never heard of these guys, but man are they cool! I played this one for my husband and he loved it. He really got into too. He wanted the link and I gave it to him & he tried to play it on his guitar, but he’s good, but he’s not this good. He says it’ll take him a while & he’d like to get it or at least some of it. It’s really, really good stuff for a guitarist. Thanks my friend I think you got my hubby to play the guitar again. Sure would be great if he’d start up again. I’m sure he misses it. He’s been taking care of me & the house & the shopping. I can take over the house & maybe now he’ll let me. hahahaha He keeps playing it over & over… oh my goodness, thank you my friend. I think I got my ol’ Dave back! WOO HOO!!!!


      1. Hmmm Well my friend, I just found your message from March 24th. Something about something revving you up! Did you have a stroke my friend??? HEY, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT, DIDN’T YOU KNOW THAT??? :) Look you know we all luv ya & ME TOO!!! You are the PROFESSOR OF MUSIC!!! FOR SURE, and I’ll be the first one to swear to that!!! SO STOP THAT! I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on stopping by, but I FORGOT EVERYTHING & I didn’t even know how to do my blog. I was so very sad because I just wanted to play along like before. I knew everything you know that, but alas I FORGOT, BUT our Cathy & Sandee of Comedy Plus helped me out & brought everything back for me. I’m on my own once again. OH Phewy I’m on my way over. HUGS & HUGS & A BIG HELLO TO THE WIFE! She has to be very special to put up with our Professor of Music! ~hehe~ God Bless!


    1. The only one of the CGP’s I can be sure he played with is John Knowles. I think Jerry Reed and Marcel Dadi had passed away, and I don’t know if he ever recorded with Chet… hmmm….


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