Five For Friday: It’s My Birthday, I’ll Play What I Want!

Okay, it’s not my birthday (that’s tomorrow), but we’ve started the Birthday Weekend, so I get to take a break from Songwriting Teams and play whatever I want. I’ve decided to play some music that I’ve been falling asleep to lately. If someone had told me fifty years ago I’d be sleeping to Lounge music, I’d have said they were crazy. Yet, here we are…

The Brothers Four, “The Green Leaves Of Summer”

Neal Hefti, “Girl Talk”

Frank Chacksfield, “Ebb Tide”

Ferrante & Teicher, “Theme From The Apartment

Henry Mancini, “Cycles”

That’s Five For Friday for March 24, 2023.

48 thoughts on “Five For Friday: It’s My Birthday, I’ll Play What I Want!

  1. These are great songs to sleep to. You always know it’s Ferrante & Teicher with those sweeping piano keys. I missed your Birthday since I am writing this on Sunday. Belated Happy Birthday and hope your weekend is great!


  2. Hi John – hope you’re having a lovely weekend … thank goodness for Spring a-coming … cheers Hilary


    1. Thanks, Jack! Yes, tomorrow would be Mom’s 91st birthday, and unless I’m mistaken it’s your granddaughter Sarah’s. Happy birthday to her, if you talk to her!


  3. I think I wished you happy birthday months ago…but it wasn’t your birthday! Someone…a blogger of course thought it was. But…Happy early Birthday John!


  4. Hey – these are some smooth and relaxing tunes and I will book mark this post for times I want a fresh selection of such mellow and enjoyable music
    Thanks for sharing and hope your birthday weekend is awesome


    1. If you use Spotify, there are some excellent playlists that get into Easy Listening and Lounge, and of course it will generate a playlist based on a song that you choose. Thanks for your birthday wishes!

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        1. I’m trying out Deezer as well, to see if it’s as good as Spotify. They seem to have a good selection and they’re about $20 less per year (plus they offer annual billing). But as of now, I’m still big into Spotify.

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      1. I mean extra suggestions not extensions – hahaha
        Have you seen the Netflix show called the playlist?
        It is all about the creation of Spotify / it was very artsy too


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