Top Ten Tuesday: WKOZ (1340 AM, Kosciusko, MS), 3/24/79

WKOZ in Kosciusko, Mississippi went off the air permanently in 2012. They went on the air in 1947 and were a Top 40 station, switching to R&B at some point. Here’s their survey from March 24, 1979.

10 – The Doobie Brothers, “Wht A Fool Believes”

9 – Leif Garrett, “I Was Made For Dancin'”

8 – Cheryl Lynn, “Got To Be Real”

7 – Sister Sledge, “He’s The Greatest Dancer”

6 – Little River Band, “Lady”

5 – Chic, “I Want Your Love”

4 – The Bee Gees, “Rest Your Love On Me”

3 – Rod Stewart, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

2 – Blondie, “Heart Of Glass”

1 – The Bee Gees, “Tragedy”

You can find the above as a playlist here. That’s Top Ten Tuesday for March 28, 2023.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WKOZ (1340 AM, Kosciusko, MS), 3/24/79

  1. I always found that Rod Stewart song a bit creepy. What difference with the 2 Bee Gees songs. Most people know the ones where he sounds like he been kicked in the fruit salad region but I love their other work more so. It would be cool for you to showcase their works without the falsetto. I enjoyed listening to all of these. Hope your birthday was good


    1. I like Barry singing in his normal voice, too. I think it mostly his disco stuff that featured the falsetto.

      Did you ever see “So I Married An Axe Murderer”? Mike Myers playing the protagonist’s father is a riot…


    1. He was a hero of many wars, in particular the American Revolution. We heard a lot about him because Chicago had such a huge Polish population, although I was talking to my brother (whose wife is Polish) the other day, and a lot of the Polish are moving to Florida…

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