The 8th Anniversary of The Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Newport menthol cigarettes. Newport smokes fresher!

I remembered that it was in 2015, when I had first started to blog everyday, that I realized that I would have nothing to post on Sundays. I had Monday through Saturday covered (because of the A to Z Challenge), but not Sunday. That was when I wrote the first Week That Was post.

It was a mostly quiet week. I fell on Tuesday night while I was trying to get into bed (the mattress slipped out from under me), so I was a little sore on Wednesday and Thursday, but by Friday I was my usual happy self…

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, the highlight of my blogging year, started yesterday. This year, I’m looking for words that have a J in them. Next year maybe I’ll go without a theme, I’m not sure. Looks like we have a lively bunch this year, which should keep all of us plenty busy.

Anyway, that’s all the blather for this section. Time for….

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And that’s a wrap on this edition of The Week That Was.

18 thoughts on “The 8th Anniversary of The Week That Was

  1. Just coincidentally, this is the eighth anniversary of me participating in A to Z. You are an inspiration to us all, John. I could never do any of your themes.


  2. WP told me that I had my 8th anniversary this week too. I think I started it right before my first A to Z because most folks are on that instead of Blogger. Thanks to you I can simulcast!


  3. I have haphazardly blogged since 2012-ish until Jan. 1 this year, when I decided to blog daily. I’m grateful for January’s “Bloganuary” and “Just Jot It” daily prompts and February’s “Love is in da Blog” daily prompts. When March arrived, and I was on my own for daily prompts, I had many days of not wanting to continue daily blogging, because I didn’t have anything worth blogging about. I finally found daily prompts to write to, except for Monday. Monday still causes me topic anxiety. I participated in April’s A-to-Z in 2022 and absolutely enjoyed it, which is when the idea of blogging daily started niggling in the back of my mind. Anyway, my babbling here is to say I’m inspired to blog daily by you and many other bloggers I’ve become acquainted with this year.


    1. If you’re looking for something to do on Mondays, there’s Share Your World, Monday’s Music Moves Me, and Fandango’s got something going on at his place, I’m certain… Glad I’ve been an inspiration!

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  4. Your idea for filling up a Sunday blog space is a good one. Other than during A to Z I don’t think I’ll ever do daily blogging again unless I have some really applicable life content to put up on my blog. But I’ll never say never.



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