MMMM: Fragile Emotions

This week, we’re to look for songs that express fragile emotions. I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon, which back in the day was my time for fragile emotions, so I just think about how I felt on some Sunday afternoons and came up with ten songs. And here they are. The playlist is here.

Michael Johnson, “Bluer Than Blue”

Carly Simon, “That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be”

Carole King, “It’s Too Late”

Lobo, “Don’t Expect Me To Be Your Friend”

Don McLean, “Castles In The Air”

Randy VanWarmer, “Just When I Needed You Most”

Eric Carmen, “All By Myself”

Gilbert O’Sullivan, “Alone Again (Naturally)”

Paul Davis, “I Go Crazy”

Nilsson, “Without You”

I think I’ll go cheer up now. That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for April 3, 2023

Monday’s Music Moves Me is sponsored by Marie, Cathy, Alana, and Stacy, so be sure and visit them, where you can also find the Linky for the other participants.

29 thoughts on “MMMM: Fragile Emotions

  1. I knew most of these and liked them. Now that I’m not a young adult anymore – well, all I can say is that “Alone Again, Naturally” has to be the most depressing song of all time, and that Carole King is one of the best songwriters ever. Alana ramblinwitham


  2. What a great list but ughhhh. I need happy I love some of these songs which are heartwrenching. One of my favs is All By Myself. I never knew who sang it and, when I saw his face here, I thoughtnof Eyeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He looks depressed.:)


        1. Bose makes good stuff, albeit a little rich for my blood. I had a pair of noise-canceling headphones that I got with American Express rewards points from my heavy-traveling days. One day they just disintegrated…


          1. Huh, wonder why. That’s weird. My parents had Bose radios and we got them–had them for 40 years I’d say. Maybe. Was a great sound. But yep, a bit pricey for sure.


            1. I had a Wave radio with a CD player in it that was really nice (again with AmEx rewards). They make great stuff, but it wasn’t something that I’d spend my own money on. Mary decided we didn’t need it and gave it to a charity sale. It’s probably out there somewhere, playing away…

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  3. John,

    I have your playlist going right now. Breezing over the song titles I see that you came up with some excellent oldies. Thanks for sharing and joining the 4M party during this crazy month of A2Zing. Have a boogietastic week, my friend.


      1. LOL! Some of your songs are pretty sad but lets hope it won’t keep folks down too long. Maybe, they’ll think that song was from a really awful time but look at me now all sunshine and roses! :)


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