Share Your World for 4/3/23

Di asks us…

Do you have a favorite movie? My all-time favorite is A Hard Day’s Night. Every time I watch it, I pick up something I hadn’t seen or heard before. Running a close second is Blazing Saddles, which I worry may be banned worldwide for some of the jokes.

Who is you favourite actor and actress? There are quite a few, but I’ll say Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. They were in the 1941 movie Ball Of Fire, with Gene Krupa…

Do you attend or have you ever attended a live theatre production? Several. I went to see a comedy called E/R (nothing at all like the TV show) that got me laughing so hard they had to stop until I settled down, because they were laughing so hard at me laughing at them. (It was a confrontation between two bums in the Emergency Room; I had just witnessed a similar confrontation for real.)

Have you ever wanted to be an actor/actress? Yes, until the Christmas play in 8th grade.

That’s all for this week. I’m outta here!

6 thoughts on “Share Your World for 4/3/23

  1. Never censor! This is a scary time when we see books being burned and selective teaching which is wrong. I love Blazing’s so funny. Madeline Kahn deserved the Oscar. My favourite is It’s a Wonderful Life. I love that you chose Cooper and Stanwyck. They were great and Stanwyck was considered one of the nicest people. I love Jimmy Stewart and, for women, that’s harder…Stanwyck is great but I also love Carole Lombard Vivien Leigh and Katherine Hepburn. I have seen theatre productions and I never wanted to be an actress..never.


  2. Thanks for sharing your world and your laughter this week John. I remember being at a women’s hen night and the only seats available for myself and my friend (she gave me the ticket) was at the front. The comedian/singer was brilliant and had me laughing so much, I had to go to the loo halfway through the second half of his performance. Of course he singled me out and I told him if he wasn’t so good, I wouldn’t be desperate for the loo. They all thought I was part of the act (should have asked for money!) It was a good night though, loads of drag queens and a stripper, but we won’t go into that!!!!

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