Top Ten Tuesday: KAGE (95.3 FM, Winona MN), 4/3/81

KAGE in Winona, Minnesota went on the air in 1971 and changed its call letters to KGSL in 2015. It doesn’t appear that anything else changed: It was a contemporary hits station before and after the change in call letters. Anyway, here’s their Top Ten from 42 years ago yesterday. The playlist is here, if you prefer.

10 – Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb, “What Kind Of Fool”

9 – Darryl Hall and John Oates, “Kiss On My List”

8 – Grover Washington Jr. with Bill Withers, “Just The Two Of Us”

7 – Dolly Parton, “9 To 5”

6 – Neil Diamond, “Hello Again”

5 – Don McLean, “Crying”

4 – REO Speeddwagon, “Keep On Loving You”

3 – Styx, “The Best Of Times”

2 – John Lennon, “Woman”

1 – Blondie, “Rapture”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for April 4, 2023.

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: KAGE (95.3 FM, Winona MN), 4/3/81

  1. Great list. Fantastic to hear Streisand and Gibb. Could not believe that was 42 years old. I agree with Birgit about Crying. No-one can beat the Big O, and although this was pretty good, Don McLean doesn’t have the power and range of Roy Orbison. Good to hear Neil Diamond and one of my favourites. Good to hear good music.


  2. For once, a radio station that has not changed. Obviously, I enjoyed this but I didn’t care for the Crying song because he just can’t compete with the great Roy Orbison. I know he’s not competing but I just know that song so well.
    Love Woman..such a great love song and Rapture by Blondie. I remember trying to recall the Man from Mars bit. I did have it memorized once.

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